Frames First - Sunset

Original Paintings

S. Peter Brumm

When Peter Brumm started to sell his paintings over eighteen years ago, he knew the direction he wanted his art career to head. “I always admired and emulated commercial artists. The idea of painting on demand for a client seemed the real challenge as I practiced techniques and styles.” He first started showing water color paintings in galleries in the New Town neighborhood but also took on commission work when it came up. He did numerous Chicago illustrations and natural images from along the Great Lakes for businesses and individuals.

Currently, he is an owner of a frame shop in Streeterville called Frames First Inc., on 432 E Grand. While keeping busy in the framing world, he also is the illustrator for one of Chicago’s largest restaurant franchisors, Restaurants America. Through his work for the company, he has paintings hanging in numerous restaurants in the mid-west and southern United States.

“I was very excited to create a set of images based on my recollections from hiking around Devil's Lake in Wisconsin.  I painted them very quickly with a lot of fresh color and texture.” Many of the Acrylic paintings shown come from what Peter calls Zen Imagery. Through vibrant natural color they illustrate tiny life moments; a flash of sunlight through autumn leaves or textured embankments stretched to abstraction.  These creations are available for purchase from our web site by clicking an image below.

This artist may be available to create commissioned work. Contact us for details.

Traces of the Western Slope #2
Autumn Lights #1
Fleur (Yellow)
Full Sail
Autumn Lights #2
Acanthus XI
Acanthus XII
Autumn Lights #3